Wanganui Branch


The position is currently vacant.

Deputy Chairperson

Lynley Fowler


Myra Hall

Membership Secretary

Jill Travers


Hugh Ramage - 80A Nixon Street, Wanganui East 4500


Fees: $30 per member annually, $10 for Associate members

Monthly meetings held at various venues with speakers.

Meeting Dates

July 23rd 2017 - Roz Grant will talk about James Bruce, early settler in Turakina

August 27th 2017 - We hope to visit the home of Henry Claylands Feild who was an early surveyor

September 24th 2017 - we will celebrate the Branch birthday with a midday meal at the Grand Hotel

October 29th 2017 - Jim Parnell will tell us about some of his research on places on the Whanganui River

November 26th 2017 - we will travel by bus to Ashley Park (zoo and museum) for our Christmas function.