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29 August 2018

Hawke's Bay Founders Members Meeting - August 2018

Hawke's Bay Founders Members Meeting - August 2018

63 Founders members attended the Members Branch meeting in August at the Ellwood Function Centre, Hastings.  

Presentation of Membership Certificates were made to Lyn Sturn and Helen Manning, by Branch President Paddy Bayley.

Once again, young history talent was highlighted, with the attendance of the two boys from Hereworth School.  Jackson Reynolds Year 7 student, and Pete O'Shaughnessy, Year 8 student, were joint winners in the Essay Competition our Branch held in conjunction with Hereworth. Members were most impressed with the confident way in which Jackson and Pete presented their Essays.

President Paddy announced:

“This year both year 7 & 8 students at Hereworth participated in our Essay Competition.  Therefore we now have to wait until 2020 to go back to that school. An approach was been made to Iona Girls College recently.  They were delighted to take on this Essay Competition. Therefore, in 2019 Iona Year 7 & 8 girls will participate.  As a result, it will now be a biennial project with the two schools, which works in extremely well with our programme”.

The programme for the remainder of the afternoon was organised by Vice President Kath La Rooy.  Four of our new members Marion Dent, Dale Jackson, Linda Hayden & David Cooke spoke for a brief time on their family history. A most interesting and informative afternoon concluded with a delicious afternoon tea of Devonshire scones, savouries and sandwiches.



President Paddy Bayley with the Hereworth boys and their family

President Paddy Bayley, Pete O'Shaughnessy, Jackson Reynolds, Vice President Kath La Rooy