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6 July 2022

Wanganui Branch hosts the 2022 AGM of NZ Founders Society

Wanganui Branch hosts the 2022 AGM of NZ Founders Society
On the weekend of 18 June 2022, the Wanganui Branch of NZ Founders Society hosted the Annual General Meeting at the Grand Hotel.

The Grand Hotel is a beautiful old building in central Wanganui, the luncheon for 42 members was superb as were the dinners on Friday and Saturday evening for those staying over at the hotel.

Prior to the commencement of the day, a number of members had an exclusive presentation and viewing of the stained glass windows in the Council Chambers across the road from The Grand. Wanganui Founders contributed one of the window panels to recognise the arrival of the first European settlers to the area.


While the Executive meeting was underway, a number of different "tours" had been organised by the Wanganui branch members.

Following the AGM, 23 members boarded the red double decker bus and were taken on a fascinating tour of parts of Wanganui including Durie Hill (with many taking the elevator) and Castlecliff.


The various photos below have not been edited and are grouped loosely into parts of the weekend.